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"We do it for you"

Our logistics team can undertake complete planning, controlling, storage and distribution of our client’s goods.

Some of the main services we can provide are:


The unloading of your goods from the container or international truck or domestic transport in warehouses is performed by our skilled staff using the most modern equipment along with qualitative and quantitative control.

Storage of goods

We store your goods in our main warehouses in Athens (Aspropyrgos) and Thessaloniki (Sindos) by sorting them by code (SKU's) in predetermined locations. We undertake to store our customers’ merchandise, always in accordance with their instructions and guidelines. Additionally, we perform annual inventory controls to check on any accounting and physical differences.


Manage your goods through computerized monitoring, ex the unloading ramp of our warehouse until the time of loading onto the delivery truck from specialized software WMS with the help of wireless terminals (RF).

Pickup orders

Receipt of your daily orders with fax, by email or directly on line connection (electronic interface) between our data processing systems and sorting (picking) from picking locations by scanning bar codes from wireless terminals.

Final inspection

Final check to avoid errors of the sorted product - shipments before being loaded on delivery domestic trucks by scanning barcode for each consignment separately.

Issuing documents

Issuance of all the necessary documents (delivery note of our company adjusted to you and your client's account or we can issue your own delivery note and commercial invoice as well)

Loading, distribution and delivery

Loading , distribution and delivery of your goods based on predetermined delivery times ( Attica and Thessaloniki in 4 or 24 hours etc. ) .

Merchandise returns

We have created a procedure for merchandise returns (reverse logistics), which guarantees good cooperation, organized handling of the returns and uninterrupted operation of both parties

Merchandise returns is based on the implemented policy of your company.

Additional services

Labeling , repackaging , or any promotional packages .

Statistical data

Statistical data (Percentages of codes movement, percentage of weight and volume, available stock, etc.).


We ensure in any possible way that all customer merchandise is protected from potential hazards, at a very low premium cost.

Some of the products being handled already:

  • Fixed and handy phones
  • clothing,
  • footwear,
  • rolls of fabric,
  • household appliances,
  • spare parts,
  • tools,
  • electrical equipment,
  • promotional gifts
  • Photovoltaic panels

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