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Air Freight

Airfreight transports was the first sector Hellas Logistics started operating with its establishment in 2004 and is a key part and dominant activity for the company’s turnover.
Nowadays, the company offers great expertise and know-how on airfreight transports, highly experienced human resources and cooperation with major airlines.

Hellas Logistics holds a significant market share and specializes in the transport of pharmaceutical products, temperature-controlled goods, perishable foodstuff and products, as well as the transport of ship’s spare parts, cosmetics and dangerous goods.
The department is accredited by IATA and implements high standard procedures “door to door”, “airport to airport” as well as combined transports road/air through European hubs.

Destinations: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, America

Our advantages:

  • More than 35 Years of Experience and Reliability, Excellent cooperation with airlines.
  • IATA Accredited Agent, IATA Dangerous Goods Certificates.
  • Worldwide Coverage by Strong Networks.
  • Temperature Control Shipments (Perishable Goods & Pharmaceuticals).
  • Dedicated Aviation Parts Transportation (Aircraft on Ground) under 24/7 operations.
  • Customs Clearance Procedures – Triangle Shipments.
  • Long Lasting Relationships with external partners meeting our cooperation standards.